Tuesday, 10 November 2009

This Time Tomorrow...

My bag should be finished! Finito! :)

Don't get me wrong I've enjoyed making it but its been non-stop since last monday. A labour of love can be quite draining, non? Theres been a whole load of emotions going into this; anger, frustration, joy, laughter, tears and many more...

It'll be a shame to be done with it. When you've put so much time into something it can sometimes be depressing to no longer to have it to occupy you. The spare time I'll have, like on the trains on the morning when I used to sit and crochet-away, what am I going to do then? I'll have to talk to my train buddy Adam I suppose :P

I had a really good idea actually earlier on where I could make my own mini-project - "The Daily Commute", I could fashion little trinkets only in the time that I'm travelling/waiting for the train/bus (whilst I don't have any major projects of course). I'm not good with spare-time, anyone can tell you that, I have to be doing something. Anything. Could make a matching purse perhaps?

Or something a bit more fun... :D

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