Tuesday, 17 November 2009

MMS - Making Middlesbrough Sexy

Friday was a fun day, went out to take those 50 photos after meeting with Jerome and I think we did a better job of capturing an interesting town than the council have. Yes we could've spent all day at the green taking photos of MiMa, the town hall and the bottle of notes to death but we ventured further than that! I started the day uninspired and doubtful and finished with these - enjoy :)

Oh-kay, so I did take a few of the bottle but this was at the very beginning of the day and I do like the way the sky goes from a very dark blue down to a lighter shade - similar to dip-dyeing :)

On the road to Jerome :)

I like the two differing stones together, the smoothness of the pillar alongside the textural brick, it felt quite nice too... can you see that I was getting a little more excited about it yet?

I like the pattern - basically.

This picture started the real adventure "Oooh! I like the look of that building there! Lets go find it :)" What I like about this is how it frames the building, the diagonal slats of the fence with the horizontal railway lines and Albert Bridge.

The amazing building we sought after :)

The door to nowhere - where it leads nobody knows! May have to check it out sometime soon :)

I just really like this one :)

There are a lot of things that make this in my opinion the best from the day, I like the perspective of how its getting smaller, how the Transporter Bridge is reflected in the windows, it works really nicely.

Again I just really like this photo...

Anyway, thats enough of me blah-ing on about what photos I took, I still don't think I'll be picking up a camera instead of a crochet hook anytime soon.

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  1. that pub was on the corner of my street in my old house! mmm... you'll get some nice shots around there, i got some by the scrapyards and the like, i've got one where in my eyes it looks as though the transporter brige is some sort of phoenix rising from the ashes...

    some great stuff there katie, i especially like your photograph of the blue door :)