Wednesday, 4 November 2009

A Bag Project (For Life?)

So I've finally, after not having to frog and re-frog my bag (like I have been for the past two days) back to the third row, made progress! :)

11 rows! :D I'm gonna be up until 2 o'clock the day of the hand in sat on my bed like a little pixie crocheting away with shopping bags under my eyes, let alone the one I'm making... It's gonna be mammoth! 12" by 16" - how much shopping can one girl do?

Kept taking it out because Jayne said she can't wait to show Tricia (the course LEADER) my work - I can... The amount of mistakes I made after that, I've never met Tricia but apparently shes really good at knit and crochet and if I can spot a mistake I've made I'm sure she can see them from a mile off :S she makes patterns for Rowan people, my pathetic attempts to try and cover up mistakes will never do...

But its all sorted now and looking fabulous for it, so far so good. I still think a 6" by 6" bag would look better :P

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