Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Everything seems to come at the same time!!!

Report and file - April 20th
Essay and file - April 27th
Work related studies - May 6th

And still no reply from Birmingham (how rude!), so I don't know where I'm going next year...

I can't do this.


  1. Hello :o)

    just wanted to let you know that Id found something you may want to use for your research file. I was on this site sorting out some research for my Prof Practice file, saw this and thought of you.


    Click on the tab 'trend union and you will see a pic of.....

    .....it could be knitted cheese.....it could be plastic......?

    ....but I think it looks like those cheesestrings. You did say you where thinking of crocheting with cheese :o) If you dont, at least you have a pic that looks like the idea you had (chuckle).