Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I Really...

Shoulda went to Hereford. I wanted to go to their art college, I'm stuck in a surface design, flat world up here. All because I was scared that I'd missed my family, my friends, I wouldn't be able to afford living somewhere else, I wouldn't make new friends.

I should've went there. I should've took that chance.

I barely enjoyed the bag project, I only liked the soft sculpture part of the last project, I feel like I can't be creative in this project. Everything that I'm suceeding in here I've taught myself, most of my work I'm enjoying has nothing to do with this course. I'm loving my arts award. I'm proud that I've already sold some work but I don't feel encouraged to do my best.

I check out the competitions/exhibitons board and found work that fits what I do alot better. Lacework for
Sydney, Constructed Textiles for Bradford - this is where I want to enter my work for.

Well I'm going to their open day, I've decided.

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