Saturday, 19 December 2009

Last Night

Words Of Violence,
Break The Silence,
And Come Crashing In,
Into My Little World.

Painful To Me,
Pierce Right Through Me,
Can't You Understand,
Oh My Little Girl.

All I Ever Wanted,
All I Ever Needed,
Is Here In My Arms,
Words Are Very Unnescessary,
They Can Only Do Harm.

Went to Manchester MEN Arena last night to see Depeche Mode - Immense. The coach ride was a bit of a nightmare, four and a half hours, the driver got lost, we past the same shops in Bradford about seven times. When me and Jerusalem finally got there we made our way straight to the front :D

The support act, SoulSavers, weren't too bad - the singers voice was extremely gravelly, apart from that the actual band were good. They just need a new vocalist.

But the Mode - greatness embodied! I need to go see them again :)


  1. Im so very jealous....I love Depeche Mode...lucky you, glad you enjoyed,

    Helen :o)

  2. youre right to be jealous - twas amazing!