Monday, 30 November 2009

Over The Past Weekend...

Theres been a whole lotta changes on my part.

First of all twisting newspaper into yarn is really quite difficult! I know I have until march to get it done and done it will be I'll just have to go back to the ol' drawing board as to how I'm going to make my textiles/art piece for the competition.

I ventured to both CCAD - Green Lane's craft fair and the Designers Marketplace, both equally lush! It is officially confirmed that I am a gob on legs, I talked to everyone there and left rather inspired. I'm thinking of making my own wares to sell for the next one (fingers crossed).

Thinking of going to the "Art Factory" in Middlesbrough on Wednesdays - could be fun :)

Found out my style of drawing! Photoshop! :D And I would have proof but its being blah... :( Watch this space...

Also, also, also! Found out my grade for my bag project - 65%, higher than I imagined.

I'm chuffed!

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